Flutter Kisumu 2020 Events Highlights

Ever been to Kisumu? The warm breeze,nice ambiance around the Lake region? Kisumu serves as the capital city of Kisumu County, Kenya. Well, Flutter Kisumu is a fast growing community of developers around the Western region of Kenya. The community kicked off this year to enable developers learn and share knowledge revolving around Flutter and its associated technologies.

This year we majorly had virtual events, which were amazing since they never limited anyone in any region from attending. Below are highlights of this years’ events lineup.

Our very first event of the year kicked off in May and it was graced by Nilay Yener — the renown Mother of Dashes : -). Nilay Yener (@nlycskn) works at Google for Flutter Developer Relations team as a program manager.

The session was about getting to know more about Flutter in terms of its features that enables development of beautiful mobile apps that runs on both iOS and Android devices from a single codebase hence ensuring productivity. Nilay Yener also touched on opportunities and resources around the Technology and tech communities involvement and the benefits it brings to career growth and job opportunities.

Find more about this on the session slides and session recording here

Our second session was about Deep Dive into Flutter Web where Kamal Shree (@whatsupcoders), also known as “Whatsappcoders!” , took lead of the session. She is a software developer with 11 years of experience in Web Technologies, Android and Flutter and currently a Flutter GDE.

The session was about deep dive into Flutter Web. Which involves using the same code base to develop apps that run on the web. This was a very exciting topic especially to the Web development enthusiasts since, it brought out an open discussion on what Flutter for Web entails, what to consider when building Flutter web apps and its overall architecture.

Find the session slides and recording here.

In regards to Flutter Day events series by Google, Sub-Saharan Africa Flutter communities including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa hosted John Ryan (@jryanio), a Software Engineer from Google’s Flutter team who talked about what to consider when building forms in Flutter including the application structure and models that makes Dart code easy to build up step by step, followed by a Q&A.

Find the session’s Github repo and recording here

As an extension of Flutter Day Google events series, Flutter communities in Kenya and Android254 community had a meetup together where amazing speakers graced the session to speak about Flutter in honor of Flutter Day.

Danvick Miller, a Software Engineer at InfinitySoft Tech gave an introduction to Flutter session.

Kamal Shree, a Software Engineer and a Flutter GDE , gave a session about Deep Dive into Flutter Web .

And Dennis Riungu(@denpalrius), CTO at Orteo, gave a session about Building mobile apps for scale using Flutter.

Find the session recording here

Kendi (@kendyjaky) is a freelance Flutter developer and an active tech communities lover. She is currently the co-organizer for Flutter Developers Kenya and Android254.

State management is one topic that normally has varied opinions on what state to choose for an app including Bloc, provider, Redux among others. In this session, Kendi spoke about her views about State Management in Flutter and the MVM architecture and the approach to take, highlighting that the choice of the state management to use in an app is totally dependent on what one finds better and easier for them.

Find the session slides and recording here.

Maureen Josephine (@J_Akello) is a Flutter enthusiast and a software developer at Carepay. She is also a Flutter Kisumu organizer and thrills in writing technical blogs some of which have been featured in Flutter Weekly and Flutter Force Publications.

As a follow up to previous session on Deep Dive into Flutter for Web by Kamal Shree who highlighted Flutter Web architecture, Maureen did a codelab/hands-on session by showing how to create your first Flutter Web App from scratch, step by step. This session involved how to setup a Flutter Web app, enabling web support for an existing Flutter app and modifications one can make on them.

Find the session slides and recording here.

It was amazing to have Lara Martin co-speak with Miguel.

Lara (@lariki)is a self-made Android developer based in Berlin and also a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Flutter.Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development.

Miguel (@MiBLT) is a freelance developer also based in Berlin, experienced in mobile development both on native and cross-platform apps. He currently co-runs a podcast called Code Cafeteria.

In this session Lara Matin and Miguel talked about Accessibility in Flutter. Reaching a larger audience with your apps is not just about targeting as many platforms as possible (mobile, web, desktop) but also about making them accessible for everyone, including those with temporary or permanent disabilities. The talk was more about learning how to prepare Flutter apps for a larger audience. Supporting variable size fonts and making sure your designs are accessible too. They also explored some of the current limitations like keyboard based navigation.

Find the session slides and recording here.

Keronei (@lincoln_keros) is currently a Systems Support at MOH(Ministry of Health). He is an active Kisumu tech community contributor who thrills in giving mentor-ships or training in events like ALC meetups and recently the Android 11 meetups.

M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service in Kenya. In this session, Keronei covered how to integrate the Mpesa API in a Flutter app by highlighting the flow of ‘Lipa na Mpesa’(Pay with Mpesa), how ‘Lipa na Mpesa Online’ comes in and and its core concepts and a DEMO on implementing the functionality in a simple app to initialize the process of requesting for a payment from a customer.

Find the session’s Github Repo and recording here.

Danvick (@danvickmiller) is the CTO of Infinitysoft Technologies, based in Nairobi. He’s an organizer for Flutter Developers Kenya and in his free time maintains a couple of Open Source libraries.

Ever wondered on how to create packages and what it takes to create one? In this session, Danvick talked about how to create your first Flutter Package. Sounds amazing right? Packages enable the creation of modular code and libraries that can be shared easily. Usually found in https://pub.dev/. In this session, DanVick highlighted some of the requirements to consider when creating Flutter packages and some tips to help anyone interested in Package creation to easily get started.

Find the session slides and recording here.

Our last session of the year was done by Steff Patterson(@geekmespeakstef). Stef who Co-manages Flutteristas and also a Flutter Technical Editor at raywenderlich.com, is passionate about mentoring, writing and editing documentation.

Raywenderlich team makes high quality tutorials for mobile developers that helps anyone in any level of programming to keep in track with the technologies they are using. Stef gave her tech journey and how she joined the Flutter team at raywenderlich.com where she is part of the Technical Editing team. She covered the technical editing process and how to apply for the roles. These tips are very useful to any Flutter enthusiasts and aspiring Technical editors.

Find the session slides and recording here.

Thank you all for being part of our amazing community🙂.

Meet the awesome team behind Flutter Kisumu community organization:

Chantelle Kyendereta (@cckyendereta) — in-charge of all the amazing event posters, okoth kongo, in-charge of organizing the events and making sure everything is in place. Maureen Josephine — in-charge of speaker outsourcing and event organization and lastly Sigu Magwa(sigu) in-charge of overseeing all events operations.

See you soon for our 2021 @FlutterKisumu events 🥳🥳

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